Johan van Niekerk

Professor of Cyber Security, Noroff

Johan van Niekerk

Cyber Crime beyond 2020 - Trends in the Cyber Threat Landscape

This talk provides a brief overview of noticeable trends in cyber crime and reflect on the lessons we can learn from these trends and how it should inform our strategies to combat such crime in future.

Johan van Niekerk is a Professor of Cyber Security at Noroff University College in Norway. Before moving to Norway, he was a Professor at the Nelson Mandela University in South Africa where he currently holds the position of an Honorary Professor in the Faculty of Engineering, the Built Environment and IT (EBEIT).

He holds a PhD in Information Technology and has Master’s degrees in both Information Technology and Education. He has more than 70 research publications and his research interests include Brain-compatible Education, E-learning, Cyber Security, Cyber Security Education, Educational Game Design, and Artificial Intelligence.

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