Jakub Barzyk

BI Consultant, Webstep

Jakub Barzyk

Power BI for Data Science

All data, anywhere and anytime. Power BI brings the concept of self-service BI, giving anyone interested in data analytics the chance to create high-level visualizations and dashboards with just a few clicks. In Data Science, Power BI can provide new insights on existing data – producing new knowledge that becomes a source for reporting. It gives a chance to incorporate Data Science models into analysis by integrating Power BI with the most powerful languages for statistical analysis – R and Python. Finally, it is all about self-service data preparation inside of Power BI designed to make it easier for you to build, use, and analyse data with a new feature called Dataflows.This session is built for both data engineers and data scientists who want to extract knowledge from data so you can analyse and visualize complex questions with ease.

Jakub Barzyk is a BI Consultant at Webstep, Norwegian provider of high-end IT system development, data warehouse and business intelligence solutions. He has moved to the Vikings land from Poland to accomplish his Master’s degree studies and explore breathtaking Norway’s fjords rated as the most impressive landscapes on the planet. He specializes in Microsoft Power Platform technologies including Power BI, PowerApps, Flow and Azure Cloud. Today Jakub’s main focus is on translating business requirements into top-of-the-range engineering solutions. Jakub is also a member and speaker of Power BI, PowerApps and Flow User Group Norway sessions.

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