Henrik Bunge

Henrik Bunge


Henrik Bunge, age 45 and Head Coach for Björn Borg, took the helm of the company in 2014. He grew up in Gotland, Sweden’s largest island, and holds a master’s degree in law from Uppsala University, along with university studies in strategic sales management from Harvard University.

Henrik has CEO background for Peak Performance, and as Sales Manager and Managing Director for Adidas Group Nordics. In Adidas, Henrik was in charge for the Adidas and Reebok brands, with a staff of 400 people in eight countries. He also has a background as Marketing and Sales Manager of Hästens Sängar.

In year 2000, Henrik broke the world record in skis without support over the North Pole together with some friends. The next year, he set another world record in skiing across Greenland.

Fun facts:

As a school boy, Henrik Bunge worked extra along with a friend to sell bread rolls. The project was very successful and resulted in the local grocer threatening the baker to stop purchasing his rolls if he continued selling to the boys. The outcome of the experience was a strive for justice that led to Henrik studying law.

Henrik made his mandatory military service as paratrooper with winter education in Kiruna, northern Sweden.

The compulsory sports hour, where between 11-12 o’clock every Friday the whole office closes for a training session, that Henrik introduced in 2014 has caused quite some stir in media around the world. The philosophy behind: it is a way for Björn Borg as a company to inspire people to reach the best of their potential, feel healthy and reach a balance between work and private life.

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